Live Webinar Training - LightBurn Course - 06/23/2021

Live Webinar Training - LightBurn Course - 06/23/2021

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June 23rd, 2021

10:30am (PST)

2 hour course (estimated)


Hosted on Zoom!

What to Expect:

Expect to be amazed with expert information, an engaging atmosphere, and an incredible experience to take back to your machine! Taught by our leading expert, Joe Braga, there’s always something to take away from his lectures. Garnering over 30 years of laser engraving experience, Joe knows just about everything about your machine and how to run it with optimum precision and skill.

What Will Be Covered:

This class is designed to teach you how to use LightBurn and apply it to running jobs on your Lasers, Sand-Carvers, CNC Engravers, as well as general graphics. This class will cover the following sections: 

  • Important LightBurn Data
  • Software Install to PC
  • LightBurn Training (3 Parts)
  • CorelDRAW/EngraveLab Overview
  • Projects for LightBurn
  • Additional LightBurn Info
  • Review Highlights
  • FAQ

Learning Outcomes

  • You’ll learn to set up LightBurn, add your laser to LightBurn, and configure a laser for use with LightBurn.
  • You’ll become familiar and confident operating on the User Interface.
  • You’ll learn Zooming, Panning, and Selection in which you’ll be able to make your first project.
  • You’ll learn cool tricks and usability tips from the expert.

Additional Details:

  • Missed something important? You will receive a recording of this webinar!
  • Please have your WiFi and computer ready prior to the Webinar.

About Joe Braga:

Joe is a leading expert with the following laser products; OMtech, BOSS Laser, Xenetech, Laguna Tools + LightBurn & EngraveLab. Joe’s background is in Service Repair, as well as R&D of Lasers (CO2 and Fiber), Engravers & Routers, and he has a teaching credential in Vo-Tech Education. He is an authorized EngraveLab & CorelDRAW Training Partner and Beta Tester. In addition, he has 30+ years of experience working with these machines. Joe has owned several signage and engraving operations, and has written for many of the top magazines in the industry.

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